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I’m a Principal Engineer and a Business Development Manager at EASL. I joined the business in 2008 after completing a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Throughout my education, I excel at design, analysis and assessment projects and coursework which naturally steer my career towards becoming a Structural Integrity Engineer and more specifically engineering design and structural integrity analysis.


I decided to start my career with EASL because of its extensive experience in structural integrity and an ideal career gateway to the nuclear industry. The inclusive, collaborative and supportive working environment, culture and opportunities for career development at EASL has kept me with the company to date.

I have had the opportunity to work alongside and trained by very experienced engineers within EASL and this aligns with its vision to create the next generation of structural integrity experts.

How’s your experience been so far?

I’ve always admired EASL’s professional approach and culture, toward both its staff and clients. From the start of my career, I’ve been surrounded by exceptionally capable engineers and a working culture that provides the support and training necessary for engineers to continuously develop my technical skills and opportunities for managerial responsibility.

I am trusted by the Directors at EASL to offer sound technical advice and to find the best solutions for new and existing technical areas for our clients.

It requires hard work and discipline; in return, I have achieved and, in some cases, exceeded the professional goals that I’ve set for myself. I have developed both in technical capability and confidence over the years and I continuously developing as a professional.

Overall, I feel truly valued by EASL.

What’s your latest project?

Promoted to Principal Engineer in April 2022 and a thorough leader in my specialist technical area. I have been leading the company’s capability development and providing technical oversight in structural integrity assessments of high temperature components.

I have also had the opportunity to work in various technical disciplines and some of the recent notable ones are:

  • creep-fatigue crack initiation assessment of boiler tube components under abnormal and restricted tube operation.
  • defect tolerance assessment of a high integrity component as part of the UK Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of a new reactor design.
  • seismic qualification of a support structure and anchorage.
  • random vibration analysis considering fluid-structure interactions.
  • stress evolution analysis and failure prediction graphite brick.

I have held various non-technical roles throughout my career with EASL – Quality Assurance Manager, Single Point of Contact for Component Life Assessments, Team Lead with line manager responsibilities. My current role is the Business Development Manager, leading and managing the delivery of the company’s vision, ambition and business growth plan.

In addition, I provide technical oversight for “High-Temperature Creep/Fatigue Crack Initiation Assessment, R5 Volume 2/3”.

I received a Chartered Engineer status in 2017 and I have been recognised as a Fellow member of IMechE since March 2022. My professional journey at EASL continues to develop with the opportunity for me to grow and continue learning from my clients, peers and mentors.

The workload as a Principal Engineer is busy, and there are numerous challenges daily when juggling multiple difficult tasks, but working collaboratively as a team helps us to deliver results on our projects, provide advice and make informed decisions with major stakeholders and clients.

Enjoying my life 

EASL encourages a flexible and relaxed working environment so since I started, I have managed to achieve personal as well as professional goals through a good work-life balance.

I have lived a great part of my life in Asia and as a result of this, I love Asian culture and food. It may be the reason for me trying to explore Japanese and other more adventurous Asian foods as often as possible.

I get the feeling that I do spend a bit too much time on my phone scrolling through industrial news/updates on LinkedIn and other platforms, but apart from that I also love a great movie and practising outdoor sports; so on weekends, I can be seen either at the golf course or practising badminton or volleyball with friends.

The practical side of me keeps coming through when it comes to DIY interior design and decoration, and I also enjoy puzzles and programming languages.

I oppose all levels of intimidation or bullying, and I strongly believe in supporting and helping one another to achieve and be the best.

Single best thing about EASL? 

That’s easy, the working dynamics and the “willingness to help” culture that everyone in the team shares.


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EASL's "willingness to help" culture