POSTED 25.10.21

Our Services Creep Fatigue Crack Growth

Whether it’s for civil nuclear, power generation, defence, oil or gas over time creep-fatigue can take effect leading to damage, fracture or even worse failure. If left unchecked, this can lead to expensive, unexpected remedial work, unplanned outages and in extreme cases injury of people.

EASL can supply a cost-effective and pragmatic assessment, providing an independent service with clear advice on which to base decisions.

What is Creep-Fatigue?

Creep is the time dependent deformation of a material under load operating continuously at elevated temperature and can occur in both plastics and metals when the temperature is at or above one third of the melting temperature. Fatigue arises when a material is subjected to cyclic loading due to time-varying pressure, temperature or other structural loading. Creep and fatigue can lead to the formation of cracks.

Cracks caused by creep-fatigue initiation, or a remnant of the manufacture or construction, can continue to grow and potentially cause significant adverse effects on structural integrity. Frequently creep crack growth combines with fatigue crack growth to generate creep-fatigue crack growth.