POSTED 25.10.21

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Seismic qualification of an existing facility involves a large amount of systems components and equipment and often is neither practical nor necessary to assess the absolute seismic capability of every plant component. Seismic walkdown and evaluation based on experience data will provide a cost-effective resolution to a variety of issues relating to seismic qualification and seismic margin assessment, particularly for an existing facility.
What is Seismic Walkdown?
As part of seismic engineering, qualification can be achieved by comparison with seismic experience data and the walkdown is a procedure to carry out plant inspection for seismic qualification of SSCs. Following from the Fukushima nuclear plant failure in 2011 there has been a greater focus on ensuring the safety of plants under the strains of seismic activity. A walkdown is often a cost-effective solution for a post seismic event safety assessment.