POSTED 24.09.20

On the 3rd and 4th of August 2020, we were delighted to participate in the virtual ICONE and Power conference. EASL’s Managing Director Antony Hurst presented 3 technical papers: Using Pipe Whip analysis via the Finite Element method to underpin the delineation between high and moderate energy lines, Fatigue risk evaluation of a pressure vessel plug subject to flow induced vibration, Analysing cyclic plasticity of the pressure reducing valve using the Linear Matching Method (LMM), and exchanged his proficient experience with other fellow professionals. (Copies of these papers are available and can be viewed by the conference attendees on the ASME portal).

In spite of all the unprecedented circumstances that the organisers had to deal with, online sessions, and different time zones, ICONE and Power were successfully celebrated and managed to attract many engineering professionals.

The conference started with Lange Kimball, the presenter from Stress Engineering Services Company.  Lange gave an insightful session on “Understanding of pipe support inspection and maintenance”, including great photographs and images of support failures.

All of the technical presentations were exceptionally good, with most presenters sharing their knowledge and some insightful findings with all of the attendees. A good example of this was the session with Linyu Lin, from North Carolina State University, who presented some exciting concepts on artificial neural networks for the implementation of machine learning for the Nuclear Engineering industry.

This conference is always a great opportunity to share our experience. We also get a great chance to make new connections and discuss opportunities with potential partners from all over the world. Our clients have been relying on us for the past 32 years and we will keep our high standards and continue delivering on our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our extensive and specialist experience has brought us here and we feel proud and honoured to be part of the selected few presenting at the conference. We are looking forward to the next ICONE conference and ready to continue sharing knowledge and collaborating with the most reputed experts in the sector!

ICONE and Power conference

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