A typical day at EASL - EASL

Every day is different at EASL. We are a small company which means that every member of the specialist team gets involved in a wide suite of projects.  On occasions, you might spend a whole day researching and designing a process or system at your desk.  Other days might involve meeting customers and visiting sites to assess progress.

Teamwork is key for us, so regularly you will work collaboratively with your team and spend some time getting specific training and improving your skills.

Your workload and responsibilities will vary depending your own experience and your attitude towards work. As graduate, most of the time will be spent dealing with technical issues, project management and some basic financial management. Additionally, you will be expected to liaise directly with customers and you’ll receive specific training when required.

The technical topics that you will work on include:

  • Design code, piping assessments and pipework analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fracture assessments
  • High temperature assessments
  • Onsite support (flow accelerated corrosion, pipework support survey)
  • Seismic and dynamic analysis

In our view, Monday should be the happiest day of the week and ultimately we expect you to go home feeling fulfilled, reassured and empowered after a day’s work.

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Regular client liaison and site visits

Training and continuous improvment