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The Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) facility at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy is undergoing a major upgrade (MAST-UE) that will enhance the UK’s role in international fusion research. A new double beam box (DBB) vessel which houses the two Positive Ion Neutral Injectors (PINIs) is required for the upgrade. This vessel needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The vessel must be designed to recognise ASME or European pressure vessel code as far as practicable.
  • The vessel must be ultra-high vacuum compatible.
  • Mounting points must be achieved with a high degree of positioning accuracy and allow for adjustment.
  • Deflection must be minimised when under a vacuum.

EASL was tasked with assessing the new DBB design to ensure it meets the above criteria, to ensure it is compatible for manufacture and to ensure it meets inspection/welding design code requirements.

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