POSTED 28.09.20

As an SME we believe in collaboration, inclusion and giving back to society. We apply this principle to everything that we do always promoting an inclusive, diverse, open and accessible workspace.

Our mentoring approach has enabled us to put into value the experience of senior employees who regularly train our graduates and placements, sharing their knowledge and introducing younger professionals to the nuclear sector, supporting our vision to help create the next generation of structural engineers and consultants.

This week we are celebrating National Inclusion Week and we aim to promote inclusion in any possible way. National Inclusion Week has been taking place for 8 consecutive years and it keeps inspiring all of us to make inclusion an everyday reality. The organiser’s main objective is to encourage others to learn more about those around us and to rethink and reconsider our actions to ultimately become more inclusive.

This year’s theme is Each One Reach One, which sends a strong message about connecting and supporting each other. This simple message is now more relevant than ever; we invite our employees, colleagues and clients to celebrate it and promote it with us.

National Inclusion Week

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