Delivery you can rely on - EASL

Our work management system is designed to ensure timely availability of staff. During a complex technical project things might change and we ensure that we are prepared and able to respond. Reviewed with all engineers fortnightly, the system is flexible and responsive to change enabling us to overcome challenges and still deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We employ an industry recognised system known as Suitably Qualified and Experience Person (SQEP), used to develop and assess our work force and organise them based on their expertise, qualifications and skill set, allowing us to quickly assign the best person to the right job.
This defines how we train and accredit engineers to become SQEP in each role and to maintain our capabilities over time. For each role we have a SQEP mentor guide which sets out the expectations. These consider the engineer’s relevant training, experience, skills and qualifications but also aptitudes, attitudes and behaviours.

When planning a task we attempt to break the task down into a series of activities, identifying the relevant roles required for each part.
Our services and solutions have been broken into their constituent parts and identified around 20 technical skill areas or roles that are required to fulfil our niche. Some examples of these include design code assessment and finite element analysis.

EASL have a wide range of engineers and scientists at all career levels, from graduate and PhD level through to those who have decades of experience working within the industry. Alongside our high employee retention rate, we have developed strong links with Manchester Metropolitan University to produce a highly specialised, quality in-house training and graduate scheme. With such a deep pool of talent and training, we can offer clients a variety of options of experience and expertise to meet their requirements.

Our quality management system provides us with a strategy to constantly further improve our knowledge base to deliver our clients a reliable and clear service. EASL are a responsive engineering consultancy, and can bring authority and trust to your specific structural integrity analysis needs.