Ensuring Quality - EASL

By assessing the job as a whole and its individual parts, we can ensure that our client’s needs are met to the desired standards, and in a cost effective way. Assessing the risk of potential work allows us to properly divide tasks and roles to various levels of expertise within our company. With over 250 man years of experience working in structural integrity analysis, we are proud that our team is more than qualified to take on any level of task requested.

In this highly technical and specific work, errors might not be immediately visible or obvious, hence there always exists the potential for latent errors. Our process ensures that these are minimized.

We go to great lengths to ensure our work is of the highest quality. When required, work is verified to an agreed standard by another experienced engineer acting independently. Depending on the quality grade, this will involve a critical appraisal of the assumptions and input to the work, as well as checking all or key elements of the calculation often using an independent approach.

In cases where very high assurance is required, the work may be carried out twice by teams acting completely independently and then comparing and contrasting the output. EASL has a close knit, co-located office community, allowing to not only have a single point of contact to clients, but also have quick, clear and robust communication in house. This level of dialogue allows us a fast response time that in turn passes over to immediate communication with clients.

We appreciate that time, money and resources are finite, and we strive to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck between cost, benefit and value.