Own the Problem - EASL

Often, a work specification that’s initially proposed by a client may not be the most efficient or cost effective solution to a problem. EASL approaches each client’s issue by taking in a lot of information, whether this be the site, company culture or historic records of relevant work. By understanding their ways of working, we can begin to assess the very best response for the goals in mind.

Rather than just providing analysis results, we utilise our experience and knowledge to critically assess the information, allowing us to provide key outcomes. We do this through working alongside a client to develop a suitable work specification, ensuring we can deliver the very best response.

From here, we can produce a work package, containing a comprehensive collection of information we actively go out of our way to gather, identifying key internal staff and allowing us to efficiently and clearly set up a dialogue in the client’s language and with client-friendly systems.

We take pride in our work, and our work management system means that for every job we ascribe a single point of contact with a task engineer best suited to the task at hand. This allows us to retain a great deal of information about our work and so allows us to gather a database of information we can return to in future, if required.

We have been working with many of our clients for over a decade, and our collected historic records, alongside our long-term, professional relationships, give us a professional integrity that has helped us build our relationship as a trustworthy and reliable company.