Understanding Client Needs - EASL

Sometimes our clients will provide a detailed specification, and then our experts will work with the client to provide a comprehensive response to the client’s goals, where possible identifying opportunities to work smarter to deliver just what’s needed.

Other times a client may know what they want to achieve but need help working out how best to achieve it. In such cases our experts will work with the client to, firstly, gain an understanding of their precise requirements and then to develop a comprehensive specification for the work required.

We are sometimes asked to liaise with a third party, such as the regulator, an independent inspector or an insurer, to ensure the work meets their needs.

With a solution focused approach, we aren’t satisfied with just getting a job done, we excel at getting to grips with what’s needed, exploring each angle of the task. Talking with stakeholders and then identifying key members of staff, EASL develops a dialogue to allow for clear communication, working with our clients to create a clear job specification.

We strive to create an open and honest relationship on which to deliver our high quality, specialist work. With a dedication to providing exactly what’s needed, we have established long term relationships with many of our clients due to our trusted reputation for reliable and efficient work.