José Francisco Del Valle Mojica - EASL

José Francisco Del Valle Mojica Engineer

José joined EASL in 2019 after concluding his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Manchester. During his PhD, he developed a FE model of Hip-Replacement-Implants and validated the model using Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Jose’s previous experience includes industry R&D work for the development of seamless steel pipes covering residual stress measurements, heat treatments, and characterisation of base metal and weld metal.

During his time at EASL José has originated a number of linear and non-linear FE stresses analyses covering static analyses, seismic analyses, steady-state and transient heat transfer analyses. Additionally, José has participated as a verifier for a number of FE analyses and design-code based assessments of pressure vessels and pipes.

Specialisms include:

  • Classical Strength of Materials
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Strain Measurement (DIC, Strain Gauges)
  • Residual Stresses (MM RS-200)
  • Computer Aid Design (CAD)
  • CT Scan Image Processing
  • 3D Printing

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