Tom Hurst - EASL

Tom Hurst Operations Manager & Integration Manager

Tom graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 and joined EASL the same year as a Graduate Engineer. He was promoted to Engineer in 2016, also assuming the role of Information Technology Manager. Tom was appointed Quality Assurance Manager in 2018, leading the accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. After completing an MBA at Manchester Metropolitan University under an apprenticeship scheme sponsored by EASL, Tom was promoted to Senior Engineer. His current position is an Operations Manager and an Integrity Manager, including acting as a Quality Assurance Manager.

Specialisms include:

  • ABAQUS finite element analysis
  • R5 Volume 2/3 creep-fatigue damage assessment
  • Component life assessment regular reporting work
  • BCU stud load trace assessment
  • Classical strength of materials, statics/mechanics, limit load analysis, fatigue etc.
  • Flow accelerated corrosion assessment (on-site support)
  • Extensive experience in pipework support surveys.

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