POSTED 25.11.16

Website and Promotional Photographs

Just as important as writing for a website, whether it’s a blog, article, service description or a contact form, is pictures. Helping to illustrate a point and whet the reader’s appetite, a great picture can elevate, or at the least pique, interest. So it comes as no surprise that when created our new site, EASL were in the business of creating some brilliant photographs to accompany our new website.

With ultimate communications making a fantastic, cutting edge web-design, it was clear that we would need photos to express the clarity and expertise that EASL provides our clients. This would not only reflect the design brief of our online image, but also realistically represent our day to day lives as a company, analysing the many structural integrity requirements of global engineering leaders.

The Brief

Our work is a combination of onsite inspections and office based practice, providing walk down services ranging from corrosion and seismic through to outage support as well as analysis and assessment through services such as Finite Element Analysis and peer review. With the variety of settings to find an EASL employee, this gave us a great range of area to work with.

Mark Williamson Photography

We hired Knutsford based photographer Mark Williamson to provide us with a set of excellent photographs, ranging from personal staff portraits to on the job shots at an ‘on-site’ location. With a great deal of experience both with commercial work, and as a wedding photographer, EASL knew we could trust Mark to give us exactly what we were hoping for.

But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look on our brand new site at some of the photos of our team at work, where you’ll see Mark’s work all the way from homepage to our services.

Photography of EASL

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