POSTED 23.01.20

Next week, hundreds of colleagues from the nuclear sector will gather at the WiN UK Annual Conference in London. The conference addresses key areas of action and initiatives designed to attract and retain women within the sector in order to achieve an inspired, balanced, inclusive environment with a focus on improving gender balance.

We fully support this vision and we firmly believe that only by working collaboratively, institutions and private companies will deliver great results. Refining the image and perception of our sector to attract and retain talent is pivotal, but also, adapting our workplaces so that females feel valued, appreciated and good about themselves providing the support they need within the companies where they work.

As an engineering consultancy, finding and retaining great professionals is still one of our biggest challenges and although we have been successfully doing so for the last 3 decades, we continue working every day to maintain an inclusive workspace where talent can thrive.

Ultimately, our aim is to encourage more females to apply for the roles that we offer and we have adapted our environment and structures to match their needs. Having strong company values and culture, offering the right perks and benefits for a healthy work-life balance, having inspirational employees that can mentor and inspire newcomers, as well as providing the right conditions to promote technical training and professional development. All of these are initiatives that will help building a strong team, but we still need to try harder to continue attracting more women.

Although our current ratio from men to women in the company remains high, we continue working to improve this, ensuring that our female colleagues develop their career and progression every day, enjoy the day-to-day life at EASL, find the right work-life balance and always feel part of the team and get involved in the office as well as socials and team building events outside of work.

We look forward to this years’ WiN UK Annual Conference and to continue promoting together a balanced, welcoming and ever-inclusive working environment within the sector.

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