POSTED 07.09.20

We are a specialised engineering analysis consultancy founded in the North West (UK) in 1988. For the last three decades, we have undergone substantial growth and we have consolidated a track record in training, mentoring and progressing careers within structural integrity engineering for nuclear and fusion energy industries. With a 35+ strong professional team, we have attracted and retained some of the most highly qualified and respected experts in this field.

Continuous growth has been fuelled by a clear sense of purpose and vision of the company’s role. We believe in creating a low-carbon future and our specialised approach has enabled us to secure new projects and to bring new experts into our team that. Just in the last quarter, we welcomed six new graduate and professional engineers.

Our mentoring approach has enabled us to train many graduate and placement engineers introducing them to the nuclear sector. We have grown from 8 to +35 specialist consultants continually supporting our vision to help create the next generation of structural integrity experts. We put into value technical skills as well as managerial skills that will enable our teams to work on larger projects.

A good example of this is the latest achievement from three of our engineering Team Leaders, Louis Chang, Andrea Alexander and Dave Fraser who graduated from the ‘Step into Management’ course on the 22nd of July.

The programme is dedicated to professionals in leading positions aiming to increase self-awareness and understanding of different behavioural types for more effective management and to improve performance by communicating more efficiently within their workplaces. Furthermore, it teaches how to build a high performing team and deliver the best results while improving skills, successfully communicating and reflecting on previously taken actions.


At EASL we promote a continuous learning culture among our employees ensuring that we provide sufficient in house and external support. This allows our team to keep learning, and continue improving and sharing knowledge to achieve higher goals while delivering the best performance for our clients. We work with our employees to ensure that everyone in the team has the right tools and support to improve performance and to develop new skills.

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