POSTED 19.10.20

Engineering and nuclear are two inseparable subjects that work along each other. Nuclear science has been playing a big role in everyone’s life since the first power stations started operating. Atomic power is so substantial and special because it supplies the world with clean and affordable electricity. Nevertheless, it is the second-largest low-carbon energy source as it produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon-free future has always been a mission of ours and EASL strongly supports the civil nuclear industry. The knowledge that we have gained through working in nuclear projects within the sector is something that we are truly proud of.

Today we want to celebrate Nuclear Science Week, an international celebration that focuses on all the matters of nuclear science. This week-long project encourages people to get educated on nuclear and explore the amazing possibilities of its implication in modern life.

Although nuclear is one of the most efficient power resources, it only produces around 10% of the world’s electricity, which is 15% of the current existing capacity. The slogan of the event ‘Think Clean. Think Solutions. Think Nuclear.’ motivates people to participate and make a personal difference. To increase these numbers we all should keep working on innovations and creating a better, low-carbon future together.

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