POSTED 07.07.20

Last Friday, we enjoyed a virtual version of the UKAEA supply event; we learned about the progress of works and the different projects that are currently getting developed: STEP, MAST-U, RACE, and H3AT. It was a very insightful and open forum in which we were able to explore new opportunities for collaboration. This nuclear fusion experiment opens up a great opportunity for humankind which could be defined in the future of energy generation, replicating the process that powers the sun on Earth and promises an endless supply of renewable energy without greenhouse gases.

We are fully committed to this source of energy and our team has proudly collaborated with multiple projects which are now entering critical phases, such as ITER and UKAEA. This ambitious project has continued progressing during these past months; with the UKAEA team adapting their processes to ensure business continuity while working in secure environments.

Last Friday’s virtual UKAEA supply event was just another example of how we can continue developing collaborative projects and meeting key milestones without putting in jeopardy the safety of our employees. We feel very proud to be part of this amazing project and look forward to continuing working and collaborating with sector colleagues to make fusion a reality.


UKAEA replicating the power of the sun on Earth

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