POSTED 30.07.20

In less than a week, we will be joining this year’s International Conference on Nuclear Engineering by ICONE. Although due to the current health crisis, subsequent social distancing measures and travel restrictions, the main event has been postponed to the summer of 2021, the organisers have put in place virtual events to be held from the 3rd to 5th of August.

The convention is designed for individuals who want to stay current on any nuclear engineering technological trends and developments. The event will coincide with the Power conference, which in its original format would have given an opportunity for nuclear power professionals to network with collaborators, share knowledge and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

The annual conference brings professionals from all corners of the world to attend technical sessions hosted by some of the most renowned experts in Nuclear Engineering. Over the past few years the strength and influence of Asian and more specifically Chinese, attendees and speakers have gone from strength to strength giving us an opportunity to build up relationships with new clients from this region.

We appreciate this format will bring some challenges but also new ways to connect with others and we are really excited to see how this years’ edition will work out for everyone. The need to continuously adapt to an ever-changing environment has created opportunities to innovate and find solutions to new challenges while successfully responding to our clients’ needs and delivering great results. We believe that the same principle will apply to this year’s virtual event.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that EASL’s team has been invited to participate in the conference powered by ICONE, which comes to show our robust international image as the “go-to” experts for structural integrity design and assessment issues in the nuclear sector.

For this edition, EASL’s Managing Director, Antony Hurst will be presenting three technical papers that have been prepared in collaboration with other members of our team: Dr Pavitra Bansal, Louis Chang, and Dr Nak-Kyun Cho. Antony Hurst has been graduated from Imperial College in London and he has comprehensive experience within the UK civil nuclear industry. Antony has a great knowledge in the analysis and assessment of the engineering components and structures.

The papers that we will present this year are: ‘Using Pipe Whip Analysis via the Finite Element Method to Underpin the Delineation between High and Moderate Energy Lines’, ‘Fatigue risk evaluation of a pressure vessel plug subject to flow-induced vibration’ and ‘Investigating Structural Response of Pressure Reducing Valve of Supercritical Steam Generator System under Cyclic Moments, Thermal Transient and Pressure Loadings’. Copies of these will be available to the conference attendees by accessing the event’s portal.

We believe these papers capture some of the knowledge that we have curated over the past 30 years working as main providers of structural integrity services and solutions to the UK’s civil nuclear sector. Our objective is to work collectively to provide innovative solutions to this sector and this year’s virtual ICONE should be the right platform to continue doing so while sharing our experience and knowledge with others working towards a greener future.

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