Our Case Studies Justifying continued high temperature operation of a steam chest weld

During routine inspection of a steam header a defect was observed at the weld between the steam chest and the tubeplate. The defect was repaired by removing the original weld material and re-welding. The location of the weld meant that it was not possible to fully heat treat the weld. Whilst it was possible to reduce the welding residual stresses there are still significant welding residual stresses present. This has consequences for the re-initiation of potential defects.
The integrity of this weld forms an important part of the plant safety case. However, the location of the weld means that inspection of this weld is particularly time consuming and expensive. The client approached EASL to help generate a safety case for continued operation of the plant. The client already used us as an established supplier and had worked closely with us in the past. The results were used to underwrite continued operation of the plant.

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