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Pipework within power stations and other engineering structures are subject stresses and strains as part of the regular operating environment. If the loading and environment to which the pipes are exposed is not properly understood and controlled, it can lead to materials becoming damaged and a possible loss of containment or pipework failure.

Through the use of pipe stress analysis, piping systems are evaluated to identify stresses throughout the system, establishing whether the layout meets the criteria specified in the relevant design code. Pipe stress analysis is suitable for simple and complex designs, and considers both static and dynamic loads. EASL has a wealth of experience of representing systems for the purposes of code compliance assessments, design, modification, and fitness for purpose assessments.

Whether at a design stage, manufacture or when operating, assessing the stresses in piping, and the associated risks of failure, allows clients a clear view of material lifetime expectations and appropriate maintenance strategies to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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