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EASL conducts regular health surveys on the pipe support systems for the main steam and feed systems on all AGR nuclear power stations in the UK fleet. We refer to these as “hanger surveys” as the majority of supports are usually formed using long rods, or “hangers”, attached to civil structure steelwork high above the piping systems.

A part of the piping system services EASL provides is the survey and assessment of support systems, known as hanger surveys. Whilst our work has focussed historically on pipe support systems within the Civil Nuclear industry, assessing all Advanced Gas Reactors in the UK, this combination of on-site inspection and offsite assessment is something equally applicable to other industries.

Findings from these services provide the client with a clear view on the most cost-effective solutions for maintaining pipework support systems in a safe and working condition, minimising repair costs and plant downtime over the life of the plant. Whether it’s civil nuclear, power generation, defence, chemical, oil, or gas, our highly trained experts can deliver high-quality pipe support surveys.

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