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Our Services Seismic Analysis

Seismic analysis is a subset of structural analysis and calculates the response of structures, systems, and components (SSCs) to earthquakes. It is part of earthquake engineering that designs and analyses SSCs, such as buildings, pressure vessels, and cranes, to demonstrate their operability, integrity, and stability, to earthquakes. For safety-related nuclear SSCs, seismic analysis is often an essential part of nuclear safety case.

EASL provides clients with a comprehensive and bespoke service taking ownership of the problem to provide, efficient, clear and cost-effective solutions. Seismic analysis, alongside seismic assessment, design, and walkdown, make up a series of seismic services our highly trained specialised can deliver.

With expertise in seismic engineering and an array of other structural integrity analysis services, EASL can not only assess seismic factors but also take into account and analyse the potential threat and risks surrounding such concerns, allowing for a great level of clarity for our clients.


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