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Our Solutions Generic Design Assessment (GDA)

Generic Design Assessments (GDAs) are important for ensuring the safety, regulatory compliance, knowledge transfer, and international collaboration in nuclear reactor designs. By conducting thorough and independent assessments, GDAs contribute to the continuous improvement of nuclear safety and help mitigate potential risks associated with nuclear energy.

EASL acted as the structural integrity expert for the Generic Design Assessments (GDAs) of the AP1000 and UK EPR reactor designs for the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), which serves as the independent nuclear regulator of the UK. Our experts conduct rigorous evaluations based on established regulations and perform Detailed Thermo-Mechanical Assessments (DTAs) to ensure that fractures in the Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs) and Pressurizers (PZRs) are avoided. EASL has a strong reputation within the UK’s structural integrity community and possesses significant experience in GDAs for Generation III and III+ reactor designs.

Currently, EASL is a member of the R6 panel and has maintained a collaborative partnership with EDF Energy Structural Analysis Group for over two decades. Throughout this duration, EASL has reliably completed structural integrity assessments for all of the reactor designs that have obtained the UK Design Acceptance Certificate within the past ten years.

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