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Good material selection, sound manufacturing procedures and appropriate levels of inspection are all aspects that are used to protect against defects in structures. Whilst this is the goal of modern design codes, the presence of crack like defects, especially in welds cannot always be avoided.

The presence of defects may require costly and time consuming repair or replacement, but this may not always be the case. Fracture mechanics techniques can be employed to assess crack like defects (real or theoretical), in order to provide manufacturing concession or to demonstrate continued structural integrity of the structure or component.

EASL’s staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in fracture assessment built up over many years working in a range of industries, with a particular expertise in the Nuclear power generation industry.

EASL can offer a range of cost effective solutions to problems associated with structures and components with defects, or to demonstrate a tolerance to postulated defects to meet safety requirements and regulations.

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